The 1980s and LFL

In the 1980s, of course, everybody took themselves way too seriously with severe haircuts and shirts buttoned all the way up to the neck. During those heady years we formed a band in Chicago called LFL (Lust For Luxury) which rehearsed in a room upstairs from the Cubby Bear bar at Lincoln and Addison - across from Wrigley Field. The music was kinda jangly and cerebral which wasn't common then and therefore not that popular(!) We played many clubs in Chicago, including Tuts, 950 lucky number, Southport Saloon, ...etc. Generally only friends showed up(!). Here is a collection of songs recorded at a studio on North Southport, Chicago in 1987. (The photograph on the left is from 1986 - left to right: Simon Swordy, Mark Blumberg, Mike Pappas)




LFL - The Early and Only Years

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Floating in Your World

How You Really Feel

If You've Got the Time

Holy Man

The End of the World



LFL started off with Simon Swordy (guitar and vocals), Mark Blumberg (drums), and Mike Pappas (Bass). After Mike left, Dave ? took over on bass. For the recordings here all the instruments were played by Simon and Mark. Also Joanna Ashley sang vocals for these tracks. All songs written by Simon Swordy.

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