Guitar Music

Here's some music for spanish guitar. Not the greatest recordings - but gives some idea about the times and tunes

Pat Tedbury and Simon Swordy

In the mid-late 1970s I played duets with Pat Tedbury who I met at the Spanish Guitar Center in Bristol. We did mostly flamenco, but also some other self-composed things. We appeared at several guitar clubs in England. Here's some pieces from a concert at the Portsmouth Guitar Club in early 1979(?). Sorry, only cassette recorder quality here!

This picture is us (Simon left, Pat right) on the back concrete patio at 23 Ambrose Rd, Bristol 1978(?).

(To play online push the go button, to download right click on link at right)

Campanilleros Duet adapted from a piece by Pepe Martinez - a flamenco Christmas song

Panderos Duet adapted from a piece by E. Sanlucar

Rondenas Duet traditional falsetas (variations) with one guitar in drop E to D and drop G to Fsharp tuning

Pepita A rumba by moi written in 1977 - note how the opening interval in the beginning melody was totally copped by PdL for Rio Ancho/Med. Sundance - which appeared in the 1980s! Coincidence of course.

Solea in A (por medio) Falsetas (variations) totally copped by moi from track on Fantasia Flamenca de Paco de Lucia

tico tico Ye olde fun Brazilian choro romp by Zequinha de Abreu

Late 1990s

Here's a couple of recordings I made on a home computer system in the late 1990s - quality much better and multitrack!

Carnival Arrangement of Manha de Carnival by Luis Bonfa and Antonio Maria, this was made famous in the film Black Orpheus

Tarantas Falsetas for the fandango form from the mining region of southern Spain. In the somewhat wacky key of F sharp.

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